10 Reasons why PrestaShop Development Companies are in Great Demand

By James Tredwell on September 24, 2018

With the advancement in the technology, the trend of eCommerce websites is also getting very modern. A few years ago performing eCommerce business was not allowed for some real big players like eBay and Amazon. Making an eCommerce platform used to be very expensive. This type of designing also asks for well trained designers and programmers.
But now the things have comparatively changed and are very easier now. Now there are a number of ways by which you can design your online stores.

A highly professional and free eCommerce website solution is PrestaShop. The major benefit of this script is that this platform is specially made for eCommerce and this is available in every section and every part of the e-shop. Best of the best things is that there is a new version of this platform i.e. PrestaShop version 1.6. This version will offer its users with a large number of features and these changes have made it even better than before.

See the new prestashop ecommerce development features:

1. Amazing topmost section

The topmost section of your website needs to be very attractive and appealing in order to catch maximum number of visitors. This is the section where people reach at first and if at first look they find it dull and boring why they would move further. It is obvious that they will move to some other website. PrestaShop 1.6 will make it easy to display your latest sales and featured content using 2 image sections along with 1 JQuery slider section.

2. Footer Section of your website

Footer section is used best for displaying information about your services, it offers newspaper subscriptions, for displaying your social media links and it includes a secondary navigation. In this way if you think that user have missed something related to your services and products, you can use this section well for explaining it. Also it has made possible for the users that they can subscribe their updates to your social media feed if they have liked your store.

3. The new PrestaShop is responsive

Now your PrestaShop websites are no longer restricted to websites and laptops. You can now explore your PrestaShop websites on smart phones. If you want to become a successful person it is critical to go mobile. So the new feature of PrestaShop is helping you in becoming a successful person.

4. It can be a great shopping cart

When we talk about the shopping carts, they are not simple at all. This new version has made it very easy to design your shopping cart that allows customers to check out and make payments. There are a number of ways working with this platform that will help you in increasing your sales. This means that this script will allow you adding of additional products to add to the cart that will be based on the current contents of your shopping carts.

5. It offers mega menu that can also include images

It is now a proven fact that the mega menus are helping users in improving their user experience, not to be mentioned they are actually useful in providing more information and more content. PrestaShop 1.6 offers you a very good menu. You can also add texts, images and links easily with your new PrestaShop version.

6. Grid or list view

This option is very necessary and users always prefer grid view but some also prefer list view. List view offers a little more details as compared to the grid view. And PrestaShop 1.6 is offering you with all such features.

7. Page Layout

There are a lot of studies based on commerce in general. Why one should not extend these to eCommerce? The new PrestaShop 1.6 is providing people with all new features and it is offering people with very optimized page layout. It is optimized from each and every point of view, especially from sales.

8. Product Reviews

Well don’t know about others but this is a very good advice for the shopping freaks that whenever you buy something online firstly go through the reviews of the product. This is a smart way of buying online. Product reviews play a very important role and provides the best and easy solutions for users who want to buy that product.

9. The Search option

The search function is considered as one of the best functions for any website, especially when we are talking about the eCommerce websites. Making it sure that what users are looking for is necessary if you want to sell your products online. By offering an advanced search you will feel the difference between selling a lot and not selling at all.

10. Product Quick View

If we discuss about one of the most irritating factors of an eCommerce website or any showcase website is to browse through the products to see for the details. You have to wait till the page gets loaded, then go back and then go through the other page of the product and the list will move on.

At the end, if you are seriously planning to design an eCommerce website for your business then PrestaShop platform is highly recommended especially this PrestaShop 1.6 version. A reliable PrestaShop eCommerce website design Company will help you in case you are unable to find solutions for your business.

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